N. Gontcharova, The Fishermen, 1909

N. Gontcharova, The Fishermen, 1909

New Online Collection of Natalia Gontcharova Paintings

Published: February 18, 2014

A Stone Thrown is a small, privately held collection of assorted works by Russian artist Natalia Gontcharova (1881-1962) featuring unpublished paintings as well as artist’s preparatory and studio paintings. The goals of this website are to present the work in an open and unpretentious way, to encourage further debate and to contribute to continuing research into Gontcharova’s life and work. It is accepted that there is ample biographical and historical information available already to the intrepid researcher so no attempt is made to add anything here. It is hoped, however, that this group of paintings and drawings will be met with open eyes and minds and gradually accepted into the larger canon of Gontcharova’s work.

Find out more at astonethrown.com

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