These articles were all published as part of Vestnik, a scholarly journal for student research concerning the post-Communist space. The journal, run by SRAS, accepts student research on any subject related to this geographic area from any historical period (pre-Communist, Communist, and post-Communist). The work is published across the SRAS Family of Sites, which itself covers a wide range of subjects.

The Call for Papers and other information about the journal can be found on GeoHistory. Any interested students, or professors interesting in incorporating student publication into capstone projects, are encouraged to apply.

A New Look at the Series “Sancta:” An American Perspective

In 1922, while in Chicago as a guest of the director of the local opera company, Nicholas Roerich created a series entitled “Sancta” consisting of six paintings: “And We Are Not Afraid,” “And We Labor,” “And We Continue to Fish,” “And We Open the Gates,” “And We Bring Light,” and “And We See.” It has […]

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