A scene from Marriage

Irkutsk Drama Theatre

Published: January 18, 2012

In early December we finally got a chance to go to the Irkutsk Drama Theatre for a performance of Gogol’s comedic play, Marriage (Женитьба). It was enjoyable and funny, even if we didn’t understand about sixty percent of the dialogue. The actors were very good and made us laugh throughout the play, through both their comedic expressions and their words. We even picked up on some of the puns they made! The drama theatre is an impressive building from the outside, and is one of Irkutsk’s picturesque landmarks. Inside it is equally attractive, complete with an intricately designed ceiling and chandelier, and golden fringed canopies along the balcony seating.

The theatre offers performances on two different stages nearly every day of the month, so there are plenty of opportunities to see a variety of new and old, both Russian and non-Russian theatre, provided you plan ahead. Performances at the drama theatre tend to sell out quite quickly, so buying tickets in advance is a must to guarantee yourself a seat.

For the winter holiday season, the drama theatre offers a performance of the traditional Russian fairy tale, Морозко (Jack Frost) running twice or more each day for two weeks, giving everyone in the city ample chance to see it, along with their kids. As one of the more expensive theatres in town, it’s not always an option to go frequently, but it’s worth it once in awhile to have a nice night out at one of Irkutsk’s most beautiful theatres.


Irkutsk Okhlopkov Drama Theatre
Иркутский академический театр имени Охлопкова
ул. Карла Маркса, 14   
Tickets typically range from 200-400 rubles




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