Tbilisi’s Museums: History, Art, and Science in the Georgian Capital

Welcome to Tbilisi, a city of amazing history, breathtaking creativity, and constant innovation. Showcasing this are an astonishing number of great museums. This guide will take you through some of the city’s best institutions – from well-known staples like the National Museum of History to off-the-beaten-path gems like the Pirosmani House Museum, to often overlooked […]

Soviet Mosaics in Georgia: Controversy, History, and Fascination

I can’t put my finger on what sparked my interest in Soviet-era mosaics, but at this point, I’m obsessed. As someone who grew up in the US, it’s a rather foreign thing to see the sides of entire buildings decked out in brightly colored scenes made of tiles. It also contradicts what many people believe […]

The Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia (The National Museum of Georgia)

The Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia is a great first stop in Georgia for an essential overview of the country’s place not only as a small country that has long lived at the crossroads of great empires but also as a modern nation with a layered millennia-old history unto itself. The museum shows the highlights […]

The Opera and Ballet Theater of Tbilisi

The Opera and Ballet Theater of Tbilisi has a rich history and offers a diverse range of opera and ballet performances – from traditional masterpieces to innovative contemporary offerings. Built in the late 19th century, the theater showcases a stunning blend of neoclassical and Moorish architectural styles as well as opulent interiors, creating a majestic […]