Museum Reserves

Museum reserves, sometimes called museum preserves, are whole territories that have been deemed historically important. Often, these are former aristocratic estates but can also be battlefields or fall into other categories. The museum reserve will often house architectural elements, outdoor and indoor displays, and other infrastructure. Much like a nature reserve, there are legal restrictions on the development and the use of the land devoted to the preserve.

Kolomenskoye Park in Moscow

Kolomenskoye Park Andropova Ave, 39 Daily 08:00-21:00 (May 1st to September 31st 07:00-24:00) Free (~$5 for drinks and ice cream) Kolomenskoye Park is definitely one of Moscow’s must-see attractions. Open year round, this former royal estate contains historic local buildings, gardens, a haunted ravine with pagan shrines, and several artifacts and parts of wooden buildings […]

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