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MuseumStudiesAbroad focuses on the narratives we tell ourselves to understand ourselves and the world around us. That’s why MuseumStudiesAbroad is part of the SRAS Family of Sites, our partner sites that cover other subjects in greater depth. SRAS also offers regular mailings so you can keep up with what’s new on our sites.

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Folkways gives a broad view of the deep roots of modern identities. This includes our ancient narratives of folklore and religion, but also the elements of daily life that shaped our ancestors’ stories and continue to define our own. These include the food we eat, the language we speak, and the settings where our stories play out.

Step into the grand narrative of nations and societies. GeoHistory unravels the intricate threads of geography, history, politics, and economics that weave the stories of entire populations. Here, you’ll find insightful analyses of historical events and current affairs, alongside profiles of the key figures that have left their mark on the global stage. Analyze primary source translations to become an eyewitness to history’s turning points.


Pop culture isn’t just entertainment; it’s a reflection of who we are. PopKult looks at the movies and music that so often tell of what are current values, hopes, and fears are. Discover the unique styles and voices that emerge from the fusion of tradition and pop culture.

What better way to understand a story than to live in it? Students Abroad, written by students for students, offers city and travel guides for your Eurasian adventure. Dive into reviews of activities and excursions, and connect with insightful reflections on culture shock, being a minority abroad, and the transformative power of experience.

SRAS, with over 20 years of experience, invites you abroad to experience complete cultural immersion. Study abroad in Eurasia’s incredible locations and delve into the narratives of language and identity, security and international relations, conflict and regional development. Let SRAS be your guide as you explore the stories that have shaped this fascinating region.

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