Invitation to Lunch Vladimir Kush

Invitation to Lunch

The Russian Salvador Dali

Published: July 28, 2014

There are moments in art which, just like in life, are so impressive they send a chill down your spine, while others are so bland that you forget them within minutes. But there are also paintings which you can stare at endlessly and still never completely figure out. Vladimir Kush’s works without a doubt belong to this category.

While Vladimir was born in Moscow and studied art there, Russia had no use for his surrealism at the time and the artist emigrated to the US. A French businessman happened to notice Vladimir’s work and was so impressed that he funded an exhibition for the artist in Hong Kong. After this initial break, Kush attracted serious attention on the world stage.

He now has four personal galleries in the US and is recognized as a master of surrealism. There is something compelling in every one of his works; it’s as if they are lit from within, creating the impression that the viewer is completely immersed and present in the painting. chose a few of Vladimir Kush’s most impressive works that irresistibly draw the eyes of the viewer in. Read the original Russian of this short article here.

The text above was translated to English by SRAS Translate Abroad intern Brian Jacoby-McCurdy.

Through the Eye of the Needle Vladimir Kush
Through the Eye of the Needle
Scissors Vladimir Kush

The Present Vladimir Kush
The Present
Eye Vladimir Kush
Sunrise on the Ocean Vladimir Kush
Sunrise on the Ocean
Falling Stars Vladimir Kush
Falling Stars
Night Flight Under the City Vladmir Kush
Night Flight Under the City
Waves Crashing Against the Ship Vladimir Kush
Waves Crashing Against the Ship
Shelter Vladimir Kush
Invitation to Lunch Vladimir Kush
Invitation to Lunch
Army of the Sun Vladimir Kush
Army of the Sun
Windmill Vladimir Kush
Keys Vladimir Kush

Where the Wind Lives Vladimir Kush
Where the Wind Lives
Adult Games Vladimir Kush
Adult Games
The Kiss Vladimir Kush
The Kiss
Descent to the Mediterranean Vladimir Kush
Descent to the Mediterranean


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