Author: Josh Wilson

The Accidental Translator: Interview with Nora Favorov

Nora Favorov is a freelance, professional translator working in the Russian>English market and is an active member of the American Translator Association. She recently took some time from her piles of manuscripts to talk about how she came to work in her profession and what it’s like to work in a profession that often must bridge art […]

Susanna Weygandt: GITIS Attendee

Susanna Weygandt is an acting student at Bryn Mawr College who is studying currently at GITIS. SRAS: Introduce yourself to us, what is your background and what are your future plans? Susanna: I started taking Russian at Bryn Mawr College in fall of 2002. I studied one summer in Vladimir with another program after my […]

Amanda Rae Jones: MXAT American Studio Graduate

Amanda Rae Jones is a graduate of the “American Studio” acting program offered through the Moscow Art Theatre (MXAT). The program remains prestigious even after almost a century of existence. The theatre itself was home to Konstantin Stanislavski, whose theories of acting, the first in their time to fully integrate psychology and social sciences into […]

The Strange Enforcement of Socialist Realism: Soviet Theatre 1917-1960 [Excerpt]

The following is an excerpt from a longer thesis. To access the full thesis in PDF, click here. Chapter I presented a practical definition of Socialist Realism: a dramatic genre emphasizing Marxist historicism, realistic presentation, populism, and which supports the Communist Party in its goals. Defining Socialist Realism is difficult because the Soviet government never […]

‘What is Comedy Without Truth and Fury?’: The Government Inspector in Text and Presentation 1836 – 1938

It has been said that Gogol’s career was like that of a meteor. It appears suddenly, burns brightly, fades quickly, and with its impact, changes the surrounding landscape and environment forever.[1] It is interesting that Gogol’s greatest play, The Government Inspector, was described with a similar power-type metaphor. Nabokov wrote, “(it) begins with a blinding flash […]

John Freedman: Man of the Newspaper, Theatre, etc

John Freedman first came to Moscow in 1988 to research his dissertation for a Ph.D in Russian Literature. He found out a lot. He also found a woman he loves and some incredible professional and personal opportunities. He is now an editor for Moscow’s largest English-language newspaper, a published author and translator, and has been […]

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