Author: Serena Keenan

The Kremlin: Moscow’s Historical Heart Through the Ages

The Moscow Kremlin has long been the main symbol of Moscow and Russia – and for good reason. It was with the Kremlin that city of Moscow officially began and from which it grew. The Prince of Moscow, ruling from the Kremlin and drawing on the growing power of his city, united and conquered the […]

Zakhar Prilepin: His Literature and Nationalism

Zakhar Prilepin (Захар Прилепин), born Evgeny Nikolaevich Prilepin in 1975, is an award-winning Russian author, journalist, politician, and activist from the Ryazan Oblast, which borders the Moscow Region in Russia. He is known for both his strikingly realistic writing as well as for his political activity as a nationalist politician and organizer. Zakhar Prilepin’s Early […]

Eugene Vodolazkin: Blending Old and New in Modern Russian Literature

Eugene Germanovich Vodolazkin (Евгений Германович Водолазкин) is a globally celebrated author known for blending past and present with a unique writing style that pulls from Russian cultural history and spirituality. Early Life and Education of Eugene Vodolazkin  Vodolazkin was born in Kiev in 1964. Though very private about most of his childhood, it is known […]