Author: Sophia Rehm

10 Must-See Masterpieces at the Tretyakov Gallery

The Tretyakov in Moscow is one of Russia’s – and the world’s – foremost art galleries. Founded by Russian tsarist-era industrialist and entrepreneur Pavel Tretyakov, the museum now displays some of staples of Russian and Soviet classic art., a Russian site dedicated to Russian popular culture and advertising, dug through the art museum’s collection […]

10 Contemporary Russian Painters Worth a Look

Levitan, Shishkin, and Aivazovsky, among many others, are names known to every well-educated person in Russia and abroad. These artists are Russia’s pride. Today, too, there is no shortage of talented contemporary Russian painters. Their names are just not yet so widely known., a Russian site dedicated to Russian popular culture and advertising in […]

10 Obscure Videos of Soviet Moscow

The following text was written by Vera Kichanova and originally appeared in Russian on the website “Bolshoi Gorod.” To read the original Russian, click here. This has been translated for the first time into English by SRAS Translate Abroad intern Sophia Rehm. In certain places, information has been added or links to outside information inserted […]

Worlds within Words: A Translation of Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky’s ‘The Rosary’

“The creative legacy of Krzhizhanovsky, rising before our eyes entirely from nonexistence…is a unique case even in the history of our culture which, to put it lightly, has not stinted on the excommunication of artists who could have become its pride,” writes Vadim Perelmuter in the introduction to the first of five volumes of Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky’s collected […]

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