SRAS Visit to Erebuni Museum Complex and Archeological Ruins

The fortress of Erebuni, once the great capital of the mighty Uratu Kingdom, is located on the outskirts of Yerevan. The ruins of the citadel are flanked on one side by quiet mountains – their rocky slopes reaching up toward the hot summer sun. On the other side is Yerevan and the Ararat plain. The noise of […]

Yerevan Museums: The Best in History and Art

The following is a brief introduction to some of the best Yerevan museums for history and art. As SRAS has recently launched study programming in Armenia, is also now opening a new region that we hope to fill with museum reviews and artist biographies! History Museum of Armenia The History Museum of Armenia holds […]

Ararat Brandy Factory in Yerevan, Armenia: Travel for PCON

Ararat Brandy Factory: A Little Bit of Brandy and a Whole Lot of History Yerevan, Armenia (Excursion included in the Policy and Conflict Program, Fall 2017) Cost of Souvenir Brandy: 7,170-16,730 Armenian Dram ($15-$35 depending on quality of brandy)   During our one-week stay in Armenia, my group had a special excursion to the Ararat […]