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Published: January 1, 2012

Autumn in the Park by Masha Volkova

The From Russia With Art Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts opened in August of 2010. Though it has recently closed its physical doors, it maintains an internet presence and plans to feature moving exhibitions. The museum in this way continues on much as before,  selling and building knowledge of contemporary Russian-American art. The museum proprietors, Jerry and Olesya Koenig enjoy special relationships with artists including Alexander Korman, Ekaterina Khromin, Georgy Lapchinsky, Stanislav Nikireyev, Masha Volkova, Alexander Vetrov and Irina Makoveeva.  At the website listed below, one can peruse the artwork until an exhibition is held. The works encompass several different media, including oil paintings, sculptures, etchings and mixed-media pieces.

Jerry and Olesya Koenig met in Moscow in 1991, where he was working at the time. As the Koenigs began collecting Russian art, they began to circulate in the Russian art world as well. During this time that they connected with many of the Russian artists names above. Upon the couples’ return to the United States they used these ties both to benefit themselves and to enrich the Cambridge community by moving into a two-story gallery at Porter Square.

They quickly became a part of the intellectual atmosphere of the area. Indeed, the desire to learn about something as-of-yet undiscovered proved a great draw in the curious-by-nature community. Students and academics have shown interest not only in the art but in Russian culture. During its one and a half years of business, the gallery served as the base for various Russian cultural events.

A Musical Performance at the Gallery

Although sadly the physical doors closed on December 24, 2011, the museum’s heart still beats.

This because of the combined creative energies of its major artists and the ongoing work of the Koenigs both online and in the Cambridge community. More information on the artists can be found at the museum website, but briefly, their major work is as follows.

Alexander Korman specializes in “en plein air” paintings, particularly of New England seascapes. Ekaterina Khromin is known for her unique combinations of texture and color as well as the Futurist technique of incorporating text into her paintings. Georgy Lapchinsky’s paintings are done in the Neo-realist style and are distinguished by their striking use of bright color. Stanislav Nikireyev creates beautiful black-and-white etchings depicting natural settings and seasonal changes. Masha Volkova specializes in metal sculptures. Alexander Vetrov etches exquisitely detailed panoramas with colored needles and is considered to be at the top of his field among Russian artists. Irina Makoveeva is known for her wonderful etchings of animals, particularly insects and animals on the hunt, which have won her awards and acclaim in Russia and abroad.

Irina Makoveeva, Alexander Vetrov, Stanislav Nikireyev and Georgy Lapchinsky’s work exclusively with the From Russia with Art Gallery when showing their work on the East Coast.

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