4 Painters Enchanted by Winter

Published: December 28, 2015

Winter is the most fairytale-like time of year. Everything around is covered with a sparkling white quilt; only purity and mystery remain. It is impossible not to fall in love with winter.

AdMe.ru, a Russian site, has put together a list of four artists in Russia who capture the beauty of the season. This translation is provided by museumstudiesabroad.org. The original article can be seen here.


City Winter of Evgeny Lushpin

Evgeny Lushpin is one of most popular and talented artists of our time. His creations excite and engage by their beauty. He paints in hyperrealism style, and sometimes his paintings are so realistic that it is hard to tell them apart from photographs.


Native Landscapes in Paintings of Dmitry Kolpashnikov

Snow-covered fields, watermills, sun-filled meadows – all these exist in the paintings of Dmitry Kolpashnikov. His landscapes are peaceful and majestic, profound and alive. Masterpieces of this renowned and internationally recognized artist can be found in private collections in Germany, France, Belgium, and China.


Bright Colors of Leonid Afremov

Leonid Afremov is a modern impressionist, who developed a unique painting style. He paints without a paintbrush, using instead a palette knife. Distinct “strokes” form original images that inspire and excite.


Snowy Winter in Paintings of Dmitry Kustanovich

Dmitry Kustanovich is a modern artist from Minsk now working in St. Petersburg. He uses a palette knife to create his paintings. His work is dimensional, multilayered, and polyphonic. It has texture, it is graphic and delicate, and his lines are free and rhythmic.


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