Author: Alyssa Rider

Marina Tsvetaeva: A Life of Romance and Revolution

Often cited as one of the greatest Russian poets of the 20th century, Marina Tsvetaeva lived a tempestuous life, from her early demonstrations of talent to her early death. Early Life of Marina Tsvetaeva Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva was born in Moscow in 1892, to Ivan Vladimirovich Tsvetaev, a professor of Fine Art and later founder […]

Alisa Ganieva: Giving Dagestan a Voice through Modern Literature

“He regards himself as a Dagestani, but he doesn’t know what that means. This is a problem of many people in Russia, but especially in the Caucasus after seventy years of Soviet erosion of historical memory.” This is how Alisa Ganieva describes a character from her first full-length novel, The Mountain and the Wall. The […]

Lubyanka: Inside the Story of Moscow’s Infamous Building and District

There is always history surrounding us. In a city like Moscow, this can seem overwhelmingly apparent. Moscow has many imposing buildings from many eras – some are immediately recognizable and others only invite wonder as to what stories lay behind their beauty or grime. Lubyanka is the name commonly used to refer to the building […]