Author: Jesika Berry

Three Great Musicians of the USSR

The twentieth century was a dynamic period in the history of Russia. In that century, Russia saw the fall of the 300-year Romanov dynasty, the rise and fall of the 70-year reign of the Soviet Union, and the turbulent formation of the Russian Federation. Russia saw revolution, civil war, two war worlds, purges under Joseph […]

Four Examples of Russian Music in American Popular Culture

Throughout the Cold War to the present day, there has been tension between the United States and Russia in the political arena. However, Americans have used Russian music in creating elements of American popular culture. Appropriated Russian songs include classical pieces like “The Flight of the Bumblebee,” which is often used to represent speed and […]

Russian Programmatic Symphonic Works: From Glinka to Tchaikovsky

Programmatic symphonic pieces are symphonic compositions where composers would adapt material from poems, books, plays, artworks, nature scenes, or emotional states into music within these works. These musical works are symphonic in form, however the traditional rules of music theory and composition were not the only necessary tools needed to determine the form of these […]

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