Public Art and Monuments

Monuments are public art. They can commemorate a famous person, event, or idea. They can also be placed simply to beautify an area. The creation and placement of monuments is not cheap and is usually handled with significant deliberation or decided by power social or political forces. The removal of a monument is also usually a significant event, showing shifts or conflicts with the values and character of a society. In short, monuments are fascinating and important pieces of urban planning. They can also be understood as being “curated” much as a exhibit in a museum might be and just as reflective of national character.

History and Art in Warsaw’s Bródno District

Most foreigners in Warsaw tend to the stick to the center of the city and Old Town, with some maybe venturing as far as the Praga district. Being that these areas are mostly discovered and easy to tour — along with being packed with tourists and locals — I decided to start taking trams to […]

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