Monuments are outdoor sculptures that commemorate a famous person, event, or idea. They are often placed in important city districts to not only beautify, but also lend national or local character and values to that district. The creation and placement of monuments is not cheap and is usually handled with significant deliberation or decided by power social or political forces. The removal of a monument is also usually a significant event, showing shifts or conflicts with the values and character of a society. In short, monuments are fascinating and important pieces of urban planning.

Alley of Heroes and Monument to the Young Guard in Bishkek

The Alley of Heroes is located in a well-shaded park spanning 1.5 km in length that runs down the middle of Jash Gvardiya Boulevard. The monument itself is centrally located at the intersection of Chuy Avenue, around 2.5 km due west of Ala-Too Square. The park is an enjoyable place to spend time to chat, […]

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