Ilya Repin’s Life, Works, Legacy and House Museum

Ilya Repin stands as a giant in the history of Russian art. This biography explores his life, remarkable career, and his currently legacy. We’ll highlight his artistic evolution and the movements he shaped. We’ll also discuss some of Repin’s most acclaimed works and his time spent with other artistic luminaries such as Leo Tolstoy. Finally, […]

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Russian American Cultural Center (RACC) in New York

The Hermitage Museum Foundation in New York (Operations Suspended)


How to Start Studying Russian and Soviet Art and Architecture

“If a student came to you and said that they were interested in Russian or Soviet art but were unsure where to start exploring it further, what books and authors would you recommend?” This question was asked by SRAS Intern Taryn Jones of Elena Varshavskaya, who for many years taught art history at the Rhode […]

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Nukus Museum in Uzbekistan: Lysenko, Savitsky, and Preserving the Soviet Avant-Garde

Chopin Museum and Rememberance, Warsaw


Nadezhda Khvoshchinskaya – A Forgotten Great of Russian Literature

Nadezhda Khvoshchinskaya became a prolific and widely popular author in early 19th century Russia. Her most famous novels reflect on the stylistic staples of 19th century Russian literature, focusing on women’s issues and other social problems through the lens of realism. Despite her fame and success, Nadezhda Khvoshchinskaya has largely been forgotten in the study […]

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Boris Ryzhii, Russia’s Bandit Poet of the 90s

Mikhail Bulgakov, Master and Margarita, and Truth in the USSR.


The Armenian National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet

In the heart of Armenia’s capital city Yerevan, stands the Armenian National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet and the Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall, simply known as “The Opera” by locals. Built in the early twentieth century, this cultural hub showcases a blend of traditional Armenian architecture and contemporary design representative of its diverse repertoire. […]

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The Opera and Ballet Theater of Tbilisi

Mikhail Chekhov Riga Russian Theater