The religions in a city contribute not only to its history and culture, but also its skyline and overall architectural feel. By exploring a city’s religious infrastructure, you can also get a feel for its history of tolerance. Is there enough infrastructures for minorities? Is it in a central or convenient location? Is it in good repair? Exploring religion while abroad can be eye-opening and educational. Here, we have included information on working churches as well as graveyards of any status. Churches that are currently museums can be found in separate section on Religion Museums.

Alexander Nevsky Lavra Cemeteries

St. Petersburg abounds in museums, historic sites, and places that appear in Russian literature. At the Alexander Nevsky Monastery, there is one more unique way to experience history – by visiting the final resting place of some of the city’s greatest names. Located next to the monastery are four cemeteries – Lezarevskoe, Tikhvinskoe, Nikolskoe, and […]

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