The religions in a city contribute not only to its history and culture, but also its skyline and overall architectural feel. By exploring a city’s religious infrastructure, you can also get a feel for its history of tolerance. Is there enough infrastructures for minorities? Is it in a central or convenient location? Is it in good repair? Exploring religion while abroad can be eye-opening and educational. Here, we have included information on working churches as well as graveyards of any status. Churches that are currently museums can be found in separate section on Religion Museums.

Exploring Bishkek’s Mosques

The Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek today features mosques scattered throughout its streets. Amazingly, nearly all of these mosques were constructed after the Kyrgyz Republic declared independence in 1991. The city was constructed mostly by Tsarist Russia and the USSR, neither of which encouraged the construction of mosques. The construction boom in Bishkek is testament to […]

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