Artists (Modern)

For the purposes of this site, we have defined “modern” artists as those that spent most of their careers after 1953. We have chosen this date as, first, a generational marker. Many late-tsarist artists continued working after the revolution, while many late-Soviet artists are still working today. Those still working today are likely to have been born after 1953, when political and social restrictions were relaxed after the death of Stalin. The anti-communist movement in the US, which occurred around the same time, also means that artists born after this date are much less likely to be known in the US. In preparing material for this section, however, we have tried to concentrate mostly on living artists.

A Visit to the Martiros Saryan House-Museum in Yerevan

The Martiros Saryan House-Museum is located in the three-story former home of Martiros Saryan. Located just a 10-minute walk from Yerevan’s central Freedom Square, on a leafy street now named for the artist, the building is open to the public and used to display his art and celebrate his life. During my study abroad program […]

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