Districts are here defined as areas within cities that can be considered distinct based on their individual fame or their current development or renewal schemes. After the neglect of the late communist era and the economic and political collapse that preceded the current rise of capitalism, many post-communist cities have had to renew, redevelop, or repurpose large sections of their cities. Many of these articles are about those efforts. Many others are about famous attractions such as Theatre Square in Moscow or Podil District in Kyiv.

Supermetal: The Latest in Moscow’s Urban Redevelopment

By the end of 2020, the founders of Khlebozavod9 and The Brusov Ship will open a new public space near Baumanskaya metro station in Moscow. A former industrial zone will host the Supermetal Cultural and Business Complex. The team’s plans call for two architectural monuments, laboratories with panoramic windows, three courtyards, and some small manufacturing […]

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