NGOs, Charities, and Other Organizations

Published: October 24, 2011

The Russian-American Cultural Center in New York offers annual auctions and an online gallery with a range of Russian artists represented.

The Museum Association of Russia is an NGO serving the interests of curators and museums.

ProArt is an NGO promoting contemporary culture in St. Petersburg by sponsoring festivals and a variety of education programs.

NewNames is an NGO providing scholarships to talented young painters, poets, and musicians. For a blurb in English about the organization, go to the bottom of this page.

New Acropolis is an NGO operating which supports the growth and development of individual and group cultures.  They sponsor artists, classes, and festivals in painting and sculpture.

The Kolodzei Art Foundation is an NGO promoting the contemporary art of Russia and the FSU. They arrange exhibitions, cultural exchanges, and provide free art supplies for need artists and stipends for Russian students studying abroad.

The Institute of Modern Russian Culture (IMRC), in Los Angeles, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of Russian culture. To this end, it maintains a library and archive, conducts a membership program, and publishes an annual journal, Experiment, and a bi-annual newsletter.

Maria’s Children provides art rehabilitation to orphans.  Lots of artwork shown on the site.

Guggenheim-Hermitage Foundation coordinates joint projects between the two art behemoths.

The Photographers Union works to advance the art of photography in Russia and abroad. News, online galleries, and more on their site.

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